First Games - Team GB

A series of documentaries / ads for Team GB and Deloitte, coming summer 2021. 

I was tasked with directing and producing short documentaries for Team GB about an element of the Olympic Games that I found interesting - I chose to focus on those who were competing for the first time. 

I wanted to capture that excitement of competing for the first time as well as asking the athletes to reflect on their achievements at such a young age.


Deloitte x Team GB

For ten years, Deloitte has been a critical strategic partner of the British Olympic Association. The firm manages everything from figuring out how to construct a stadium safely in half the time normally required right down to the velocity of the water in the Kayak rapids. Everything from transporting hundreds of athletes across the world to building tech to keep them in contact with family back home.


We filmed with synchro swimmers, a boxer, a golfer and a gymnast all from backgrounds as different and inspiring as the next.



The Production

Filmed prior to lockdown, we travelled the country spending time with the athletes and their families to bring a depth to the films. We were lucky enough to be granted access to their training environments too as they prepare for the big day.

The spots will be released / viewable in 2021 when the Games are confirmed to proceed. 




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