'Sugar Babies' - two queer kids devise a con which goes wildly awry as they reconcile their love for each other.

Sugar Babies is a hypnotic, thrilling journey through London with two queer kids, trying to figure out what they want from both life and each other. The film is inspired by those friendships and relationships in life which feel imbalanced, insecure and unnerving. 

My aim with the film is to examine relationship dynamics within a queer setting by subverting what is usually focussed on: struggle with identity over life itself. Packed with vibrancy and colour, I wanted the film to represent the life these two boys are fighting for, rather than the current dark predicament they find themselves in. 

With an amazing crew which reflected the rich intersectionality of the world we were creating we pulled the film together over the Summer of 2022. I'm hugely proud of the cast and team who I was privileged to work with on this project.

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