'I'm Not Okay' [TV/Cinema Campaign Films]

Four 30 second spots for The Mix's TV/Cinema/Social campaign in early 2019. Designed to cut through the loud bombardment of adverts either side of it, these quiet and still films challenge audience's perception of masculinity and men's propensity to discuss their own mental health. With these films we wanted to hold a mirror up to those young men who are suffering with various issues and spread awareness of a problem which results in the biggest killer for men aged under 45, suicide. Each film tells of a different struggle: body image, family, depression and sexuality.  The films reached millions thanks to a widespread campaign of tv, cinema and online spots. 

Director: Harry Hitchens
Director of Photography: Simon Plunket 
Producer: Sam King / Filli Studios
Agency: 360i
Client: The Mix

Film donated by Kodak.

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