'Can You Feel It' - a short film 

by Harry Hitchens

In a short vignette of a modern gay relationship, a couple at odds find time for a moment of tenderness. 

'Can You Feel It' is a very simple little film: two people, not an awful lot of dialogue and a lot of touching! Growing up as a gay man interested in film, I have rarely felt represented in cinema. Even when LGBT stories are told, true and fair body image diversity is hard to come by. So, for this film only, I decided to cast myself. It was a new challenge, directing whilst acting - especially given that I was almost naked for the entire shoot. 

Official Selection + Nominated BEST DIRECTOR at the British Film Institute Future Film Festival 

The Production

Written and Directed by Harry Hitchens
Cinematography by Mahalia John
Sound Recording by Tom Blawat
Focus Puller and Loader Ben Gadsden
Colour by Jess Vile at Framestore
Assisted by Tyler Parker

Starring Harry Hitchens and Ned Wakeley

An Everyday Production

Filmed on Arri LT with Cooke S5 lenses and 35mm Kodak 500T

Using Format