'Don't Think Twice' - a film about dementia and living in the moment, with music by Bob Dylan.

John was diagnosed with a rare form of Dementia ten years ago. His wife Geraldine has been picking up the pieces ever since. The uniquely insidious attribute of Semantic Dementia is that it renders the patient unable to express themselves whilst being totally aware of their own deterioration. However, one part of his brain is left untouched: he can still play guitar and sing. We follow John and Geraldine as they welcome Jon into their home, a young musician who might help John to find joy again. 

The trailer is embedded below. If you'd like to watch the full film (12 mins) then follow the link by clicking here.

The Production

The story came to me via some close friends and due to dementia being something that has personally affected my family so intensely, I connected with the story right away.

The production itself was a wonderful process - recording audio based interviews was restrictive at first but eventually proved to push us further into making the most artful and expressive film possible. Without talking heads to fall back on, we crafted every shot to fill it with meaning. 

The team was made up of a diverse group of collaborators who I've met throughout my career and the film was released on October 10th 2020.

Using Format