'Breakthrough' - a documentary for 

the creatively curious.

The film

'Breakthrough' is a feature length documentary exploring the power of creativity and self expression. I've travelled across the world to interview artists of all manner of discipline. In any creative profession it's so easy to doubt your own ability and the importance of what you're making. 

'Breakthrough' is my debut feature and I'm so proud of my amazing team that have helped me pull it together. 

The Production

We first received funding for the project in 2016 from Zhong Ze International / China UK Film Fund and began researching which parts of the world we wanted to film in. We found artists from across the world and filmed in Los Angeles, London and Shanghai. Each location offered a variety of artists - from poets to painters, from musicians to ceramicists. An international production of this scale was a real challenge but the incredible team we pulled together at Everyday made sure it was as smooth as possible. 

In November 2017 we launched a Kickstarter to raise £12,000 to complete the movie. We were overwhelmed with support and received half the funding within 48 hours and had achieved funding days after. Since then we've been working non-stop to get the film finished.

Using Format